A Canon and Océ Innovation

Introducing the latest Canon and Océ professional collaboration, the Océ VarioPrint® DP Line Digital Press.
Our newest B&W digital press was designed from the ground up to be smarter, more versatile and more efficient. By combining Océ DirectPress technology, a system that helps remove variables that could negatively affect print quality, with Canon in-line finishing, we’ve created a printing production platform that reduces job errors and provides consistency from the first print to the last. And, it practically manages itself, so you’re free to run your shop while it runs your jobs.

See the VarioPrint 135 at work.

Follow NYC printer, Orlando Cales as he puts the VarioPrint system through its paces and optimizes his business.



Océ VarioPrint 135

helps Quality Imaging Services stay competitive in the most competitive city in the world.

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Explore the Technology

that makes the Océ VarioPrint® DP Line one of the most sophisticated digital press systems available today.

In-Line Finishing

Modules for saddle-stitching, stacking, folding, and in-line trimming help you produce and finish more jobs in-line, without the need for operator intervention. This shortens the time needed to complete a job and lets you meet even the tightest deadlines.

Océ DirectPress

Converts digital data into a toner image in a single step – with no ozone emissions, fuser oil, or developer, and virtually no toner waste.

Océ EnergyLogic

Enables start up as soon as sufficient energy is available. The result? More consistent output in less time and fewer parts to replace.

Océ PRISMA Press Console

Océ PRISMAsync™ software optimizes productivity with a high-performance server, green-button ease of use, media-driven workflow, and up to eight hours of production planning.

Océ ScreenPoint

Océ ScreenPoint technology optimizes the conversion of color images to black and white, saving your operator’s time by eliminating the need to perform complex color corrections during job preparation.

High-Capacity Stacker

Stack flat sheets professionally and utilize a removable dolly, transferring output to off-line finishing or shipping departments. This allows the press to keep running while jobs are removed and packed for shipping.

Océ HeatXchange

Our new technology transfers heat from printed sheets to incoming sheets – simultaneously preheating new stock while cooling printed pages. This results in a single process that reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. The cooled, printed sheets help reduce curling and sticking for more reliable finishing, and make for a smoother overall print run.

Paper Management

4,000 sheet input is standard, with the ability to scale up to 8,600 sheets. All trays accommodate supported media weights, decreasing the need to reload paper stock in the middle of a run.

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